Top Gun Raceway General Track Rules

As a reminder, these rules are set in place for a reason.  Some of which you may or may not understand or agree with as to why.  We ask that you ask a Board of Director, if needed.  All of these have been discussed thoroughly and voted upon by the Board of Directors and it is our decision that they need to be enforced.

1: Waiver and Liability Releases
All drivers and crew members must sign the appropriate Waiver and Liability Releases. Minors under the age of 18 must have a minor Release Form signed by BOTH PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS. In the case of a singe parent (by means of divorce, death, or court order), or a legal guardian (by court order), a written notation must be made on the Minor Release Form. If both parents will not be present, the minor release form should be notarized and brought to the event. This is the only way a minor individual (under the age of 18) will be able to compete. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. For more information on this, refer to section 1.5 of the 2009 NHRA Rule Book. click here for minor release form

Wrist bands have been color coded and pre-numbered for accounting, staging and entry reasons.  For drivers, you may be asked to show your wristband in the staging lanes and/or water box prior to your run.  This will be done at random.  You WILL NOT be permitted to make the run if you do not have on a wristband either in the test-n-tune, license pass, time runs or eliminations.  Spectators without a wrist band will be asked to purchase one by the staff person checking bands or will be asked to leave the premises.

3: Parking
Top Gun has reserved pit spaces that have been purchased by racers.  Please DO NOT park in a reserved spot unless you have purchased the spot for the 2009 Season.  YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE.  A parking list can be obtained from the Front Gate.  Parking spaces 103-179 are discounted and must be given up for the races specified.  Confine your pit space to within the lined area in which you have parked.  No fuel jugs placed on paved surfaces.  Jacks need to have plywood of some kind underneath them as not to put holes in the pavement.  If you are leaking any kind of fluid while in the pit area make sure you have a drain pan underneath to catch all liquids.  No tent stakes in pavement.  You are responsible for your pit space.  That means, you are responsible to keep it clean.  You are responsible for any damage caused by fluid leaks and jack pad damage to the asphalt.  Pit space rental DOES NOT include a track gate entry key.  We are also asking for your assistance in trash this year.  If each of you could pull your bag of trash out of the can and tie it up, place it next to the garbage can our volunteer staff will be able to retrieve trash much faster at the end of each race.  Thank you in advance if you are able to help us in this matter.

4: Speed
Excessive speed or burnouts in the pit area, staging lanes or return road will not be allowed or tolerated.  Speed limit everywhere on the facility is 5 miles per hour, with the obvious exception of the drag strip itself.  Violations of speed limit, you will be given a verbal warning.  Repeated violation will earn you an invitation to leave the facility.

5: Reaction/Interval Times
These readings are provided as an extra to basic timing information and are not guaranteed.  Please do not ask for reruns for missed of disputed times.

6: Late or missed rounds
Once the last two pair of cars pull out past the staging lanes, anyone arriving after that is late for the round and therefore disqualified.

7: No Starts
If a contestant cannot start once signaled by the stager to pull out, he/she has until their opponent reaches the water box to start.  If unable to start he/she will be disqualified.  If the no start car is blocking an opponent at staging, that car has until the two pair of cars in front of them are signaled to the start line by the starter.  If not he/she are considered disqualified.  Once an opponent has pulled out of staging and vehicle is unable to start from that point, the starter will determine the time allowed to restart.  Possible disqualification.  Starter’s decision is final.

8: Juniors Running
DO NOT enter track anywhere while Junior Dragsters are being run, this will be grounds for immediate disqualification.  NO VEHICLES OTHER THAN JUNIORS DRAGSTERS AND TOW VEHICLES SHOULD BE MOVING WHILE THE JUNIORS ARE RUNNING!!!!!  Only two juniors may be towed at a time with the same tow vehicle.  Their safety is way more important to us that a few extra minutes on race day.

9: Deep Staging
Must not be written on vehicle. It Is the drivers responsibility to stage in a timely manner as the starter will not change the starting sequence for deep stagers.

10: Yielding
Left lane will yield to the right lane while exiting the track

11: Staging
Courtesy staging is advised during eliminations.  It is strongly preferred that all competitors show courtesy to other competitors by using courtesy staging procedures.  Courtesy staging is when both vehicles Pre-stage before either competitor stages.  So basically, if you pre-stage, please wait for the other competitor to pre-stage prior to final staging.

12: Speed
Excessive speed or burnouts in the pit area, staging lanes or return road will not be allowed or tolerated.  Speed limit everywhere on the facility is 5 miles per hour, with the obvious exception of the drag strip itself.  Violations of speed limit, you will be given a verbal warning.  Repeated violation will earn you an invitation to leave the facility.

13: Burn Out
Do not do until instructed to do so.  Burnouts are allowed in the burnout area only.  No person is allowed to hold or touch a vehicle during a burnout.

14: Water Box
Watch the director for your signal to pull out for your burn out.  If you are not ready, you are subject to being disqualified.  All vehicles with street tires are to drive around the water box.  You can then back your tires into the water box.  Front tires must stay dry.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

15: Breakage
If a vehicle experiences damage or breakage at anytime during a run; the driver needs to steer the vehicle to the wall and STOP!  This technique will prevent unnecessary track clean up.  If everyone abides by this theory we will be able to resume racing activities much faster.  (NHRA)-(E.T. Points Series) In the event of a breakage “before” first round, a racer must notify your team captain.  You can tech in and race another vehicle, but it has to be a non-race vehicle, (another words, no jumping into another friends race car from a different class) continue into the first round of your class.  The event will not stop for you to make a special time run, you will need to dial that vehicle within the class index and make the first as is.  Or, if you will a round and your vehicle breaks you are done for the day.  You must continue in the same vehicle that you ran in the first round, no jumping into any other vehicle.

16: Impairment
Drugs and/or alcohol-ZERO TOLERANCE!!!!  Any driver, parent, staff member and/or crew member found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs regardless of the amount will be removed from the event.  Such a condition is cause for suspension, fine and/or revocation of competition privileges.

17: Drivers Clothing
If you are racing, full pants will be worn, no shorts, cut offs or bare legs.  Full coverage shoes will be worn.  No sandals of flip flops.  Shirts with sleeves will be worn, no tank tops or spaghetti straps. No bare middrifts. Specialized safety equipment may be required, Refer to the 2009 NHRA Rule Book for clarification.

18: Credentials
Each driver of a vehicle entered in an event must have a valid state or government-issued drivers license beyond the learner's-permit level or an NHRA Competion License subject to inspection by officials at any time.

19: Pit Speed Limit
The speed limit in the pits is 5 MPH. A valid drivers license is required to operate any motorized vehicle while on Top Gun Raceway's property.

20: Helmets
As of January 1st, 2006 all helmets must have a Snell 2000 or a Snell 2005 rating.  The Snell 90 and Snell 95 tagged helmet will no longer be allowed.

21: Dogs
All dogs will be kept on a leash at all times.

22: Rain Checks
All rain checks for breakage can be obtained from the Race Director.  They can also be held at the Front Gate as a “will call” or can be mailed.  No rain checks will be given to crew members or spectators.  Rain checks will be issued until one (1) complete round (full rotation of all classes) of eliminations have been completed.  Once a full round of eliminations have been completed the event will be considered complete.  Points, as per the point system, will be awarded to the last full round of eliminations.  No trophies or monies will be awarded unless those respective rounds have been reached prior to the event being called a “rain out”.  Rain checks will be offered if an event has been cancelled and not been deemed complete due to inclement weather.  Vehicles that do not pass tech inspection will not be issued a refund; they will also be given a rain check. It is the competitor’s responsibility to have a vehicle that will pass tech.

23: High School Class
All high School racers will have to show proof of school I.D. and abide by age requirements for any and all documentation needed to compete in the event.

24: Lane Assignments
To be announced at each race.  Lanes may be vary under the direction of the Race Director.

25: Dial-In
You must stay within your index times per your category your signed up for. If you dial out of your index any time during elimination you will be disqualified and your competitor will be reinstated.  Each competitor will be responsible for checking to see that his/her dial-in is correct before pre-staging.  If there is a question regarding your dial-in.  “DO NOT” pre-stage your car; get the attention of the starter.  No re-runs will be allowed due to incorrect dial-ins.  Dial-ins must be on the vehicle prior to leaving the staging lanes. Dial-ins must be on windshield, right side and rear window.  Must be clearly visible to the tower.

26: Complaints
Any and all race related problems need to be directed to the Race Director.  Do not take it to the starter, stager, tech or staff members as they are unable to make the corrective action needed.  Per NHRA rules, a racer conducting themselves with foul language or in an abusive manner will be rejected from the event and possibly not allowed to return to the track.  Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

27: Passengers
Cars that can and/or do run quicker than 14.00 seconds CANNOT have a passenger.  If this occurs, the car and driver will be barred from racing for the remainder of the event. All drivers clothing rules apply to passengers.

28: Tech
All tech cards must be filled out completely, legibly and signed prior to enter the tech area.  If a car runs quicker than what it is tech’d for, the driver will receive one warning not to let it happen again.  If it does happen (whether the next round or several races later) the car will be barred from further passes until the higher safety measures are installed.  Tech inspection cannot be performed with your car on the trailer.  No refunds will be issued if your car does not meet tech inspection.  You will be issued a rain check.  It is the driver’s responsibility to have a vehicle that will pass.  NOBODY CAN TECH THEIR OWN CAR!!!!!

29: Public Address System
FM 87.9

30: Boundary Lines
In determining lane boundary crossing violations, it is considered a disqualification when any portion of the tire completely crosses the painted line surface.  Anytime it has been judged that excessive braking has resulted in the loss of control as to cause contact with the guardrail, timing fixtures or crossing the center boundary lines, including past the finish line, the contestant will be disqualified.

31: Bye Runs
In the even of an odd number of vehicles in a round during eliminations, the following criteria will be used to determine who gets the “Bye”. Round one and round two will be random “Bye” as chosen by the Staging Director.  The driver who runs closest to their dial-in will determine subsequent rounds.  During random pairing eliminations there will be no bye runs unless they are earned or if there is an odd amount of vehicles.  During laddered eliminations, if laddered vehicle is unable to make the round, that will not b counted as an “earned” bye run.  On a bye run, you must stage and break the beam, not having to make a full pass.  On a competition single (if your opponent does not show) you must cross the finish line after receiving the green light to advance to the next round unless the starter deems you the winner.  Note: Red lights and breakouts do not matter in this situation.  Potential bye run is to be run last and the racer is to stay in the area designated for the by run.

32: Lane Selections
The Stager will determine what the lane choice will be,

33: E.T. Series
Sign Up forms can be obtained at the Team Captain.  The sign up fee is $100.00 this year.  Fill out all fields as requested.  We also require a photo copy of your competitor’s card and member card.  You can make a copy at the tower.  Please have this ready prior to signing up for the points.  Please make checks payable to M..S.S.I. (Motor Sports Safety, Inc) or Top Gun Raceway.  When you sign up for the series you must declare what category that you will earn your points.   If you chose to change your category you will lose all points accumulated and start a new bracket on the day of the change.  Points will not be calculated until E,T, fee of $100.00 has been paid.

34: Ties
In the event of a tie in the point’s category at the end of the year series race, a one shot run off will determine the winner and declare the Race of Champion for the E.T. Finals.  Run off will be done at the last points race of the season.  If for some reason the winner cannot attend of breaks at the E.T. Finals the runner up will take the racers spot.  There will be four runners in each class for the Race of Champions.  In order to be eligible to race in the Race of Champions you must have competed in at least 50% of the scheduled E.T. races.

35: Audits
All points’ records are open for audit at anytime.  You may ask the points’ keeper to go over them with you.  Please keep track of your own points as mistakes do happen.  Points will try to be posted on the Top Gun website( within four days of the end of the event.  (Keep in mind that this is all done by volunteers that all work 40 hours plus jobs so if they are late posting, please be patient).  Points will also be kept at the Front Gate.

36: Points System

Field Size

1st Rnd

2nd Rnd

3rd Rnd

4th Rnd

5th Rnd

6th Rnd

7th Rnd



4 or less










5 to 8










9 to 16










17 to 32










33 to 64










65 to 128










129 & Up










37: Weather Information
On event dates when weather can be somewhat iffy you can call 775-423-0223 for information regarding cancellation of the race.