Powder Puff Rules 2009

Saturday June 27th
Gates open at 3:00 pm
Timed runs from 5:00 pm to Midnight
Refer to 2009 Top Gun Raceway Schedule

Prices are as follows:
Test and Tune: $40.00
Sports Compact: $40.00
Spectators: GIRLS FREE - Everyone else: $10.00
Powder Puff racing: $10.00* (entry fee will be collected at tower).
*If racing in another category, this will be in addition to entry fees paid for that category.

1. Powder Puff racers can not posses an NHRA membership.
2. Vehicle must pass Top Gun Raceway NHRA tech inspection.
3. Helmet required for vehicles faster than 14 sec.
4. Driver must have a valid state or government issued drivers license. If driver is younger than 18, a minor release form is required before driver is allowed to participate. Refer to Top Gun Raceway General Rule 1 for explaination. click here for minor release form
5. No shorts, open shoes or sleeveless shirts are allowed for drivers.
6. One care may be driven in multiple categories, but 2 drivers may not share a car in the same elimination category. One driver may not enter 2 cars in one bracket.
7. Powder Puff racers must be female.
8. No passengers are allowed during eliminations.
Refer to 2009 NHRA Rule Book for further guideance

Prizes will be awarded for the Winner, Runner Up and Semi Finalist.