Sports Compact Series Rules 2009

Saturday April 4th
Saturday June 27th
Friday August 14th
Friday September 11th

Gate Times: refer to 2009 schedule

Prices are as follows:
$40.00 - Car and Driver
$10.00 - Spectator and/or Crew Member

1. Vehicle must pass Top Gun Raceway NHRA tech inspection.
2. No V-8 engines.
3. Helmet required for vehicles faster than 14 sec.
4. No shorts, open shoes, or sleeveless shirts.
5. One car may be driven in multiple categories, but 2 drivers may not share a car in the same eliminataion category. One driver may not enter 2 cars in one bracket.
6. No passengers during eliminations.
7. Points will be awarded in accordance with Top Gun Raceway's General Rule #37.
8. Reference: 2009 NHRA Ruel Book

Prizes will be awarded for the Winner and Runner Up of each event
and to the 2009 Points Winner